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Specialty Massage Services (NEW!)

Specialty services may only be scheduled with the therapist(s) that specializes in that service. 

Shiatsu massage in Alexandria Virginia massage therapy studio


(available now!)

Shiatsu, originally from Japan, is a type of massage that literally translates to "finger pressure". This technique incorporates stretching, massage, and the application of finger pressure to specific areas along meridian points of the body to help remove blockages, balance qi (energy), and alleviate discomfort. Shiatsu sessions may be scheduled with Tim. 

60-minute Shiatsu $115

90-minute Shiatsu $140

Lymphatic massage for detox in Alexandria Virginia massage therapy studio

Lymphatic massage for detox 

(available now!)

Lymphatic massage for detoxification is a gentle massage technique that focuses on stimulating the body’s lymphatic system to cleanse, detox, and boost the immune system. Lymphatic massage for detox uses a repetition of deliberate light strokes that gently prompt the detoxification process of the lymphatic system. Lymphatic massage for detox sessions may be scheduled with Jasmine. *Please note: We offer Lymphatic massage for detox NOT Lymphatic massage to address a specific medical condition

90-minute Lymphatic massage for detox  $140

V Steam Yoni Steam in Alexandria Virginia


(available now!)

V Steam, also called Yoni Steam, is an ancient women’s health practice where a woman sits over steamed herbs. This practice has been traditionally used to help alleviate and reduce PMS symptoms including but not limited to; cramps, headaches, irritability and mood swings, heavy cycles, and more! In addition, V steaming has also been reported to increase fertility, increase lubrication, reduce and eliminate fibroids, as well as tighten and tone. V Steam sessions may be scheduled with Noel. This service requires a consultation before scheduling. You must call or email to schedule this service. For more information on V Steams visit the blog section of our website

15-minute V Steam $40

30-minute V Steam $80

Raindrop technique in Alexandria Virginia

Raindrop Technique (available now!)

The raindrop technique is a deeply relaxing technique that combines massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, and heat. 9 pure essential oils are placed directly on the feet and along the spine to create an electrical alignment of the body that promotes mental and physical balance, a sense of harmony, and emotional wellness. Raindrop technique sessions may be scheduled with Jasmine. 

60-minute Raindrop Technique $125

Cupping therapy in Alexandria Virginia

Cupping (coming soon!)

Cupping is an ancient practice of alternative medicine that has been used as an effective way to help relieve pain. Cupping is performed by creating a vacuum or suction over the affected areas. The suction of cupping shifts pain causing stagnation and tension by stimulating the nervous system and increasing circulation. 

30-minute Cupping $65

60-minute Cupping $105

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