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A Touch of Serenity

massage for peace of mind, massage for peace of​ body


Serenity Wellness Membership Plans!

The first 20 people to sign up for our Wellness Plan will receive a FREE Serenity water bottle!

Here's how the Wellness Plans work:

  • Wellness Plans incur a discounted recurring monthly charge. There are three different Wellness Plan levels to choose from. Please select the plan level that is most relevant to your preferred monthly session length. This will be your “primary session.” Depending on which option you select, your recurring monthly charge is associated with a 60-minute ($85 per month), 90-minute ($135 per month), or 2-hour ($185 per month) session. 

  • Unused monthly prepaid sessions do not expire. They rollover each month until used. 

  • Wellness Plan members receive a 10% discount on ANY additional services they may receive throughout the month. 

  • PLEASE NOTE: There is an initial 6 month commitment period with all Wellness Plans. After the initial 6 month period, your Wellness Plan will auto renew for another 6 month term but may be discontinued at any time with 30 days written notice. Wellness Plan sessions and benefits may not be shared with others. Please be sure to read all the terms of our Wellness Plans before signing up. 

How to pick the right plan?

Since our Wellness Plan members receive discounts on ALL appointment visits, our Wellness Plans are designed to encourage you to receive massages on a regular basis (2-3 times or more a month) That being said, when trying to determine which Wellness Plan is right for you,  base your decision on what your GO TO session length is in the event you could only make it in for your one prepaid monthly massage. 

Sixty Minute Swedish Massage 

($85 per month)​

Sixty Minute Deep Tissue Massage

($85 per month)

Sixty Minute Prenatal Massage

($85 per month)​

Ninety Minute Swedish Massage

($135 per month)

Ninety Minute Deep Tissue Massage

($135 per month)

Two Hour Swedish Massage

($185 per month)

Two Hour Deep Tissue Massage

($185 per month)